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  • Let’s remodel some kitchens in 2012!

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  • Out of Loss, Room Revival

    Susan Reynolds helps grieving individuals make small environmental changes that can inspire major attitude shifts.
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  • Tile Trends for 2012

    According to the trade magazine Tile, there are 13 tile trends for 2012.

    1.  Modern, monochromatic visuals with the tile and coordinating thin grout lines as close as possible to the same color and the whole plain of tile appearing seamless.  The tile usually required for this look is called rectified tile.  This means all tile are as close to the same size as possible.

    2.  Linear movement – sweeping tile patterns and grout lines draw the eye.

    3.  Contemporary graphic representations – the magic of 3-D digital printing.  Many ceramic and porcelain tile faces are actually facsimiles or prints.  With 3-D printing techniques, these prints are becoming more realistic.

    4.  Black, white, and gray – chic and urbane.

    5.  Textures, fabric-like surfaces.  Texture adds interest to a design.  Shiny and matte also “textures” but not the only ones.

    6.  Dimensionality – combining materials such as glass and stone or porcelain in one installation.  There are many mosaics available on mesh that do this.

    7.   Inserts of glass and metal mosaics.  By cutting mesh of mosaics in squares, not only are they memorable focal points but they are sensible choices for budgets since mesh sheets sold by the square foot are usually more cost effective than individual dots sold by the piece.

    8.  Traditional classics – timeless and elegant.  And what can be more timeless than natural stone.  Long thought of as traditional, natural stone used correctly, can also be contemporary.

    9.  Large and small sizes used together.  But be sure and have a designer plan the pattern before the tile setter starts to lay tile to avoid costly errors.

    10.  Faux animal skins- from luminescent fish scales to eye catching crocodile skin

    11.  Metallic wall tile backsplash – polished and contemporary.  Metal tiles are very practical for backsplashes behind cooking appliances.

    12.  Tile bordered window – instead of wood trim, for continuity of design.

    13.  Larger size tiles, in all styles, shapes, and materials.  Glass tile is becoming readily available in larger formats.  Porcelain tile is becoming more and more available in formats other than square.  Rectangular tiles are more and more popular.  Stone tiles are also being fabricated in larger formats.  Be mindful that larger formats require less handling when setting, but are not any easier to set because they weigh more.  It is a misconception that labor will be less to set large format tile.

    Tile is timeless and should last a lifetime if set properly.  But the tile used is not always timeless, case in point, 5 by 5 pink bath tile from the 1950’s.  Don’t be afraid to make a change.  Call BK Design Associates at 281-531-4242 today to discuss what we can do to update that old 1950’s bath of yours.

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