Micro Wind Turbines by Philippe Starck

  • Stylish Wind TurbineWhen home owners think green, they are thinking about ways to conserve energy and reducing their own energy costs.  Philippe Starck, a cutting edge French designer best known for chic hotels, contemporary furniture and household items, is throwing his hat into the ring of alternative energy product development with the introduction of two sleek micro wind-power turbines geared toward domestic use.   Starck and the Italian company Pramac have unveiled Revolutionair, a collection of two micro wind turbine typologies designed for residential applications and small businesses. Revolutionair WT 400W is a quadrangular device with a power output of 400w and the Revolutionair WT 1KW is a helicoidal-shaped turbine that can generate power of 1kw when the wind blows at a speed of 14mps. The blades of both the two types are made of transparent plastic, giving the products a virtually invisible aesthetic.   Starck explained, ”I would love to see them on sale in supermarkets.” The turbines will be made in the Tuscan city of Siena.  They can be placed in the garden or on the roof. Prices will begin around 2,500 euros and 3,500 euros respectively and estimated installation costs are between 1,000 and 2,000 euros. Although families could need three turbines to meet their energy needs, it is still believed that lower electricity bills could make this a cost-effective solution.  When will we see them in the US?

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