Just Add a Dash of Lighting!

  • LED LightIf your home is like every other home in the US, the kitchen is the heart of it.  When you have gatherings, it’s where everyone chooses to hang out.  A well-lit room is welcoming and emits positive energy.  Task lighting, ambient lighting…all types of lighting come into play in a kitchen, even mood lighting, as we like to call it, to add a certain romance to the space.  One of our signatures in a kitchen lighting design is mini pendants.  They come in so many options and colors.  The choices are endless.  It can be overwhelming for a homeowner to choose.  That’s why you need BK Design Associates.  To narrow the selections and make the perfect choice for you.

    The greatest lighting to hit the market recently is LED (Light-emitting diode) lighting.  New fixtures are being introduced faster than we can keep up with, partly because of the EPA’s decision to ban the 100 watt light bulb.  But the drive for more efficient, longer lasting lighting is also a reason for the new technology.  LED undercabinet lighting is compact, extremely efficient, and produces a very pleasing light for tasking in the kitchen.  And surprisingly, it’s affordable so you won’t have to sell your first born to install it.  Once again BK Design Associates can work with you to specify the correct fixtures and manage the installation.

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