A Smart Solution for Small Screens

  • computer display storageHere’s a product that’s sure to clear the clutter from your work surface. The Ascent is a slim and compact, mechanical lift for small television and computer screens up to 14.5 pounds, 17.5″ tall, and 22″ diagonally. The Ascent conceals and secures screens when not in use, keeping surfaces free of clutter. To operate, the user presses the top of the lift support column, activating it to rise in about 2 seconds.  This product does not require power; movement is controlled through counterbalancing weights. The support column swivels left and right 112.5º, which expands viewing angles. The Ascent is easy to integrate into kitchens, office furniture, and entertainment center cabinetry.  BK Design Associates can help you design the perfect work space.  Call us today 281-531-4242.

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